Dupuis remains a Penguin as Shero brings band back together.

Pascal Dupuis is a Penguins for four more years. [ Eye on hockey ]

The deal, four-years for 15-million is a little longer than anyone would have thought, but as Mike Colligan pointed out in a conversation, Shero had to throw in an extra year to get the average down.

Dupuis, once just thought of as a throw in to the Hossa trade, has become a staple in Pittsburgh. He no question left big time money on the table to return.

There is some thought that maybe the Penguins are playing it too safe, and questions like, " why are they not changing anything from a team that has made it past the second round only once in three years."

Honestly, those concerns are again, fair. How could they not be?

People will hide behind this, " you can't win a cup every year." That is not an acceptable defense in our opinion. Come up with something else.

But, considering what is available, Shero probably feels he would take this lineup any season any time.

 The window the Penguins have isn't closed but with this core it is now as open as it can get.