Doug MacLean: Discord in the Penguins locker room last season

This kind of fell through the cracks or we just didn't see it. Whatever; it is from last week. Appearing on Hockey Central at noon on last Friday, Doug MacLean had some interesting comments on the Penguins' locker room last season.

Here is a link to the podcast.

MacLean's part starts at 27:40. We transcribed it:

" …It is going to be interesting what evolves in Pittsburgh. I've heard from too many people this summer that this was not a happy group at the end of the year last year……because of lots of things. Guys not happy with who they're playing with… some of the stars not happy with their linemates. It was not a happy operation…and I mean before they got beat out. I mean as it was evolving during the season…"

MacLean and the co-host banter back and forth a little about the Jacques Martin move and such after that. MacLean thought the move was a good one,and that Shero most likely ran it past Bylsma.

Still, it is interesting to hear things were bad before the Boston loss. And not to dwell on last year, but you have to wonder if the long layoff between the second round and Eastern Conference Finals actually caused the wheels to completely fall off.

The fact that this issue simmered throughout the summer raises some questions and makes you wonder if, at the first sign of trouble this season, those issues will be compounded.