Despite being 11th in the League in scoring, local Pittsburgh columnist calls out Malkin

(Insert Petr Svoboda joke here…dicks)

It's officially Penguin season, everyone. Ron Cook has called out Evgeni Malkin!

Not going to lie here, we didn't even read much of the article.But we can guess what was said. From what we did see, Cook, because he knows nothing about hockey fails to mention that Malkin is 5th in the league in assists, and 11th overall in the league in scoring. He also fails to mention that the Penguins second line is in shambles and they've given James Neal and Malkin no help. Simple stats:

About half of Malkin's points are on the powerplay. We don't count Eric Tangradi as an NHL player so really those three points were obtained between Malkin and James Neal.

It is no secret the Pens will be trading for another top six forward, when they do, Malkin will start scoring even strength. And Ron Cook can look like the asshole that he is.