Daniel Alfredsson says comments after Game 4 were taken out of context. Reporters reaction say otherwise.

Oh hey look Alfie said he his statements about "probably not coming coming back," were taken out of context. [ NESN ]

Alfredsson did say, however, that he wasn’t ready to give up on the team. He reiterated that Thursday, just a few hours after making the postgame comments. “There’s no denying we’re in tough,” Alfredsson said, according to NHL.com’s Arpon Basu via Twitter. “Was it taken out of context? Probably, but that’s fine. I can handle that.”  



Ummm….watch this video around the 1:01 minute mark.

Check out the reporters face on the far left:


In GIF form:

There is nothing better than a shocked canadian reporter. Great leadership by Alfie. Idiot.