Conflicting reports on Malkin


Friday night: Malkin takes a vicious slide into the boards and looks non-Geno. He leaves the game, and everyone waits with bated breath on an update.  Late Friday night, there were unconfirmed Geno sightings at a Pittsburgh emergency room.

Saturday: Rossi reports, according to multiple sources, that Geno has experienced severe headaches and mild disorientation.

Here is what didn't happen

Crosby: "How are you feeling, Geno?"

Malkin: "Well, Sid, I am experiencing mild disorientation and severe headaches. Big Gulps, huh? Okay, see you later."

Crosby: "Hey, Rob, guess what Geno told me."


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Logical Scenarios

1. A team doctor examined Geno, and that information somehow got filtered down to Rossi. 

2. Someone just wanted to be a dick and mislead Rossi.

3. Troy Crosby incepted Rossi in his dreams. (Not logical, but you can't trust people that wear visible gold chains, in our opinion.)

Given the Pens' recent history with concussions and the severity of Geno's impact, there was no reason for anyone to suspect Rossi's reporting didn't have some backing.

Until Sunday morning.

Bylsma said in a presser that Malkin hasn't experienced headaches or disorientation as of late. Later, Dejan at the Trib asked Bylsma for clarification, and Bylsma said Malkin hasn't experienced headaches at any point.

Combine all that with Crosby being quoted as saying that Malkin himself said he was "feeling better," then it's safe to say something is off here.

But who really gives a shit

It sounds like Malkin doesn't have any lingering concussion-like symptoms, and he may not have had any symptoms at all. THAT IS AWESOME. Again, given the Pens' history with star players and concussions, they would be insane not to err on the side of caution with Geno.