Breakdown: Dustin Jeffrey vs. Eric Tangradi

So this actually happened on Sunday:

The first day of Penguin camp, and we didn't really have to wait for the main storyline to surface. And it's simple: There is a spot open in the top six. The player will be playing alongside two guys who combined for 90 goals last season.

There are four reasonable candidates:

-Tyler Kennedy, who sucks to some, who doesn't suck to others…

-Beau Bennett, who is extremely raw…

-Dustin Jeffrey, who scores too many goals for the Penguins' system apparently…

-Eric Tangradi, who has been expected to fill the role for several years now, despite being only 22.

Right off the bat, throw TK out of the mix. It makes more sense for him to be playing on the third line with Suttertron and Cooke. As much as Bennett has impressed in Wilkes-Barre, it is a 6-day training camp. It would take a stunning performance from him to win the role.

In our opinion, it is between Tangradi and Jeffrey. 

We think it should be Dustin Jeffrey all the way, and here is why.

Let's take an honest step back. In all honesty, we joke about "hating" Tangradi mainly because a former writer for the blog, Eric P, has had a long-standing and embarrassing crush on him.

We'll dance if Tangradi turns into a Ryan Malone-esque player. Only problem is this: At what point over the past three years has Eric Tangradi shown anyone he can play in the top six?  He's put some pucks home in the AHL.  Chris Bourque can do that, too.
Seriously, name one time he has shown even a flash of a scoring touch or knack for the net.  It's not happening.  His goals in the NHL have usually gone in on accident.
Now ask yourself the same question about Dustin Jeffrey.

That was a big-time goal. In Boston, too.  No joke.

The common retort from the Tangradi camp is that "he is only 22." That may be true, but using the youth card is bullshit. By now, after all the Rookie camps, Wilkes-Barre experience, and multiple cups of coffee at the NHL level, Tangradi has shown no signs of being a top-six forward.

But let's break it down anyway.




Jeffery has played only 26 more games in the NHL than Tangradi and wins the points battle, 21-4.

Advantage: Jeffrey




The Boston goal above is probably the winner. But this is sweet, too:

That ended up being the GW. Huge win for the Pens at the time.

Advantage: Jeffrey


Google Search test:



Bonus points for Croatia in our opinion. 

Advantage: Push

We can't think of any more categories, but we feel the point has been driven home.  All we are saying…is give Jeffrey a chance.

Go Pens.