Boston Underdog Syndrome

Boston is the worst. In any series or championship game, if a team is slightly better than the Boston team, that Boston team becomes legendary underdogs. This only happens because Boston sports fans have two issues.

1. Inferiority complexes, which leave the Boston sports fans devoid of self-worth and make them overcompensate.
2. Built-in excuse machines. "Well, the Yankees were just better because they spent $100 million, and we only spent $90 million, even though our entire roster was taking HGH in 2004."

It is all built into the Boston Underdog Syndrome. Read on to find out more…

Boston fans or their media cannot handle Boston not being the talk of any series, so they will flip everything and starting fondling their own balls about how their team is a huge underdog.

Check out these examples discovered with a simple browse of some Boston sites around the Internet.

-This piece from the Boston Herald titled "Don't Count Out Underdog Bruins."

"Look, everyone gets it: The Bruins are huge underdogs going into their best-of-seven Eastern Conference showdown against the No. 1-seeded, No. 1-hated Pittsburgh Penguins."

Alll that is missing for this guy is every Bruin player coming out for the opening face-off. Such a joke.

It gets better.

The front page of the sports page from

We didn't even read this article, but of course the Bruins belong. They are the fourth seed in the East and have been one of the top four teams in the league for like 95% of the season. Dipshit.

Comcast SportsNet out of Boston with vintage "Boston Underdog Syndrome." In this portion of the Syndrome, the Boston media tells the players they are underdogs over and over.

Have to love how Shawn Thornton acts in his interview. Idiot.

— Our boys at Days of Y'Orr didn't fall into this trap, but they did make this great photoshotp:

Go Pens