Blue Jackets pull single-game Penguin tickets off of Market. Hate making money.

UPDATE: Turns out we have been taken in by a troll job. A blue jackets blog wrote this story without any warning of it being a ruse.

Via [  The Dark Blue Jackets ]

In a surprise change in club policy, the Columbus Blue Jackets announced at Sunday’s Fan Fest that they will not be selling any single game tickets to their National Hockey League games against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Single game tickets that have already been sold will be refunded at a date to be determined in 2018, and only CBJ ticket package holders will be allowed in the arena for the games.

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“It’s been three years now, but the debacle of 2010 is etched in the collective memory of my hockey club.” McConnell continued.  “My arena – well, not my arena any more, but it might as well be – was overrun by Pittsburgh fans.  It might as well have been a Penguins home game.  There was even a Penguins fan riding the zamboni around the arena, for pete’s sake. What’s next?  Primanti Brothers being served in the #CBJ Social Station?”

Long live the CBJ Social Station. Dickhead.

He is right about one thing, that 2010 game was a complete disaster, but it also probably made bank for the hotels, resturants, etc.

A little early to be jammed about this, though. Tickets will filter onto the Internet, and there will be 5k Penguins fans there.  And there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.

UPDATE: Turns out we have been taken in by a troll job. This is all a ruse. Well played.


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