Around the Metro Division

Taking a quick look around the Metropolitan Division.

The Canes lost to Detroit in OT in their season opener and then beat the now 0-3-0 Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday.

The Isles have beaten the Devils in a shootout and lost to the Jackets in a shootout.

The Jackets lost to Calgary and then beat the Isles in a shootout.

The Caps have lost to Chicago and Dallas with that emotion come-from-behind win against the Flames sandwiched in the middle.

The Devils have lost to the Pens and Isles.

The Rangers. Wow. We actually can't even recall hearing they've even played a game yet this year. Apparently they lost a game to the Coyotes on Thursday.

Totally forgot that the Flyers didn't make it to the playoffs last year. They have started the season 0-3-0, and Claude Giroux is goalless and pointless.

This week, the Pens have the Canes at home then face the good old Florida tour over the weekend.