LINK CITY: Evidence of Bad Call, Someone shit themselves at CEC, Pens Vegan, TIL

Not that this matters, but what if it did?
Gary M. sent this in:
Hope the war room tries a little harder in the playoffs.
— Speaking of shitting the bed, someone, ah, shit their pants at CEC last night:
pic via 
— Nothing going on with the Pens this week so might as well help other fans. Jayshiv sent this email:

Hey guys, Long time reader, big time fan here. I remember you guys helping a pens fan win a bunch of chipotle a couple years ago, and we've wrapped up the 1 seed, so I thought I'd give this a shot. I'm from Pittsburgh and have been a Pens fan my whole life. A little over a year ago I went vegan, and I recently entered this ridiculous PETA's "sexiest vegan next door" contest. I made it to the finals- here is some coverage from WTAE.
The contest has everything you could ask for: villainous looking candidates, probable rampant cheating (they don't verify email addresses when you vote), and unreal judging criteria (1/3 votes, 1/3 enthusiasm, 1/3 PETA's assessment of your physical attractiveness). Anyways, I'm writing because I need the votes. If you guys are able/don't
mind, a shout out in a link-city type post would be huge. Here is the link to vote for me, Thanks and go pens, -Jayshiv
— Tamara K. sent some pics over of the Pens game in Ottawa. [ Album ]
More Pens links after the jump, and TIL…

Other Pens links

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—  WashPo's Dan Steinberg told GTOG the Caps wouldn't make the playoffs. Whoops. [ GTOG ]


Reddit has an addicting page called TIL. Which stands for " Today I learned."
Today we learned about Michael Malloy.
They decided that it was unlikely that anything Malloy ingested was going to kill him, so the Murder Trust decided to freeze him to death. On a night when the temperature reached -14 °F (-26 °C), Malloy drank until he passed out, was carried to a park, dumped in the snow, and had five gallons (19 L) of water poured on his bare chest.[1][2] Nevertheless, Malloy reappeared the following day for his drink
What a human.