All About Douglas Murray

If there is a deal that made more sense than this one, we don't know what it is. Douglas Murrary is a tank. He is a perfect addition to a Penguins defense that is sorely missing a guy who can clear the crease in front of MAF when you think of what the night in, night out playoffs will bring.
He isn't the fastest skater in the barn. In fact, he may appear to be skating in slow motion at times. But what about guys like Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi? They weren't fast or skilled, but they protected the net and played within themselves. They were the guys you need to win a Cup. And we're telling you, Douglas Murray is that type of guy. 
As  said in his recap of the trade, Murray is a Coke machine on skates.
But really…
Who is Douglas Murray and what does he do?
First off, this Murray quote kind of got us, even though it is generic:

"But it's extremely exciting going to Pittsburgh, going to the best team in the league already. They always have some great players and I'm just excited to get there, get used to the team and take a run at the Stanley Cup."


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Seems like he may have just needed a change.

Fun Facts

– His nickname in San Jose was "crankshaft."

– He dated Tiger Wood's ex wife.

Penalty Killer

San Jose fans are all jammed up because their overrated team has finally fallen out of the playoffs in the Western Conference. So you aren't getting the full story when someone's only knock on Murray is that he is slow.


Murray averages 2:53 of PK ice time per game for the Sharks. Where does the Sharks' PK rank? 4th in the NHL at 86.1%. Compare that to the Pens' 79.3% PK, which is in the bottom third of the league. This right here is a chunk of the reason why this trade went down.

Plugging in Murray on the penalty kill is going to help all the way down the line. This means more rest for Paul Martin and Kris Letang. Murray may actually kill someone in front of the net.


Murray is 22nd in the NHL with 64 blocked shots. A reader has written up an extensive look at the Pens using advanced stats which we're putting together and posting sometime this week. It shows what blocked shots have done for the Pens over these past dozen games. They are huge. For the record, Brooks Orpik currently leads the league in blocked shots with 89.

Sorting through the bullshit

This has probably been the worst season of Murray's career. He has been a steady plus player over the course of his life in the NHL. When you have a dogshit captain like Joe Thornton, it is probably hard to get back on track.

Something we read about Murray: he coughs up the puck too much. According to's Stats Machine, Murray commits a little over one (1) turnover every 60 minutes played. Again, this thing about turnovers probably came from a disgruntled Sharks fan.

This hit from last month is all you need to know about Murrary:

Interesting comparison between Zbynek Michalek and Murrary:

Defensively, Murray is right with Michalek, and he hits more.

Advanced Stats

Murrary is 240 pounds. His size and playing style are unique in the NHL. Advanced stats don't apply, in our opinion.

What those who knew him best are saying

From Fear the Fin, who are very happy to be rid of him:

It shouldn't be forgotten that Murray gave this team several years of great hockey. As much as he's currently a shell of his former self and has been since the start of the 2011-12 campaign, it was only two years ago that he and Dan Boyle formed an effective shutdown pairing for Todd McLellan. After struggling early in his career by chasing big hits rather than playing defense, he made massive improvements positionally. Of course, he was always an extremely limited player who struggled to move the puck forward. Pairing him with a defenseman who possesses similar flaws in Stuart wasn't doing the big guy any favors and the other areas of his game have steadily deteriorated over the past two seasons.

Brutal. Sharks fans have been through the ringer with the Murray/Stuart pairing. Braid Stuart is very bad so that is no shock.

Hopefully Murray can find something with one of the Pens puck moving D.



The Penguins' D in last year's playoffs:
Letang, Orpik, Martin, Michalek Lovejoy, Engelland
This season with everyone healthy:
Letang, Orpik, Niskanen, Martin, Murray, Eaton, Despres, Engelland

Big difference. This move reminds us of Hal Gill. Hell, maybe even Ulf. Murrary is a big fucking monster. If he doesn't work out and all these knocks on him turn out to be too much to overcome, well, the Pens are gonna have 8 defensemen to pick and choose from heading into the playoffs.

The price may have been a little high for a two month rental who is going to play 14-16 minutes a night, but it is the price the Pens had to pay for now.

The move also will put our theory about a Euro Dman in play.