All About Brenden Morrow

If there was one player the Penguins were going to trade for, it was Brenden Morrow. Morrow is known for being a warrior and a leader. This move isn't unlike the Guerin and Roberts acquistions in past years. Those closest to the situation in Dallas say there could not be a better fit for Morrow than Pittsburgh.
Sean Gentile looks at the Pens' thinking behind acquiring Morrow. It's a good quick read.
Morrow has played in the West his entire career up to this point, so our main looks at him have been via either the Western playoffs or matchups against the Pens.

So, who is Brenden Morrow and what does he do?


Career stats

Those are some solid NHL seasons. One thing to look at is his shooting percentage. He is third all-time amongst active players:
h/t to MS for sending that our way.

Some Advanced Stats

A look at where Morrow has been throughout his whole career.
This is a bit of a scary read from Cam Charron at The Score, but this point is interesting:
To the return, though, one thing I’ve noticed about Brenden Morrow is that while his season shooting percentage is 19.4% and that’s very high, Morrow has had some fantastic success in his career in regards to shooting rate. That’s not much higher than his career average of 15.6%. He’s a guy who has a good talent in getting in close and scoring from high percentage areas. The problem is he doesn’t generate a lot of shots from those locations and his goal scoring totals remain unimpressive for his career.
These are the Pens' individual shooting percentages, for comparsion's sake.
This will be an interesting stat to follow up with.

James Neal and Brenden Morrow

While Morrow and Neal played together, they didn't really "play" together.

2009-2010 breakdown of James Neal on the Stars:

Strange that Neal and Morrow got almost no time together.

In 2010-2011, in the time between Dallas and Pittsburgh, Morrow and Neal didn't really see time with each other, either.


Playoff/Situational Stats

Morrow can perform in the playoffs, and one would think, being he hasn't been there in a while, that he can't wait to get back.

He's pretty clutch, too:

Some interesting split stats on Morrow:
All business in the last five minutes.

What we've said about Morrow

There isn't much we've said about Morrow that is worth noting. Searched some old recaps and these two things were about it:

From 2007 – Lights Out. Dick. Pens WIN.

After that, the Stars got a little bit chippy.
Brendan Morrow tried to kill 11 people

Went back and watch a little bit of the game. Morrow hit Armstrong not sure what we were talking about .

November 3, 2010 — Road House. PENS LOSE.

Morrow and Letang get in a fight. Letang has a sore hand and throws no punches.
Did Morrow break some unwritten gentlemen's rule?
Letang was mouthing off at him in the box, and there was a regretful look on Morrow's face. Bizarre again.

Here is the fight:

Pretty big bomb to Letang's face there. Yikes.

What the people who knew him best are saying

From the Stars blog Defending Big D:

What did the Stars get from Brenden Morrow?


From day one he delighted Stars faithful, making the jump to the NHL from Juniors nearly immediately after a nine-game cup of coffee in the IHL. He scored 33 points in 64 games as a rookie and played in 21 of the Stars' 23 playoff games en route to that game six loss to New Jersey.

His ascendancy to coveted power forward and gritty leader was rapid as the Stars saw four Pacific Division championships during his tenure and multiple second place finishes in the West.

He played in 14 playoff series with the Stars. He leaves 2nd in Dallas Stars history with 43 game winning goals. He is tied with Jere Lehtinen at 243 for second most goals scored by a Dallas Star. He leads all Dallas Stars in team history with 1,203 penalty minutes. He's scored the second most power play goals since the team has come to Dallas (79).

All of that with nearly three lost seasons due to two lockouts, a severed wrist tendon and a torn ACL in 2008.



While some have pointed to Morrow being slow or washed up, we think this is the best move the Pens could have made. And we have a feeling it will pay off somewhere in the playoffs.
Morrow is the guy the Pens have needed since Billy Guerin left. Veteran leadership over speed any day of the week.
Konstantin Koltsov was fast, too.
If you think of Morrow as a Kunitz-like player, then you are thinking right. He is going to do work for Malkin and Neal and cash in some dirty goals. 
He is a UFA at the end of the season. If the Pens make a magical run with him, he cannot be ruled out from re-signing with the Pens.