ADAM: Why I’ve moved over to Mike Lange

There's three technically four of us: Adam, Derek, Rick and Stephen. Since the 2006-07 season, Derek has not embraced FSN/ROOT and has listened to Mike Lange on the radio side every game. I (Adam) have stuck with the FSN/ROOT broadcasts because, really, it's given us the chance to get game information from both broadcasts.  We picture Rick up in Toronto, naked, watching the games on mute while listening to Beck CDs. Stephen just draws sounds.

But my ROOT ways have changed.  I have recently switched exclusively to Mike Lange and Phil Bourque on the radio side.

Getting synced up:

-If you use an old-fashioned radio or the iHeartRadio app, Lange is way behind the action. A quick fix for that is pausing your DVR to sync it up.

-If you don't have DVR, using the Pens' website radio feed has Lange leapfrogging the action and actually being 5 seconds ahead. Relatively speaking, Lange being ahead of the action isn't even that bad at all. What's interesting is that either ROOT or WXDX messes with their feeds, and it falls out of whack sometimes when it comes back from commercial breaks. A quick reload of the Internet radio feed remedies everything, and Lange goes back to being ahead of the action.

-Also, if you have $60, you can buy a Sports Sync Radio.

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Compared to the ROOT side, you're getting a ton more information with Lange. While ROOT is using stoppages in play to promote Inside Penguins Hockey, upcoming Pirates games, and upcoming intermission reports, Lange and Bourque are breaking down players and filling in listeners with some back-stories. Some of these anecdotes will slip into play resuming, but since you're actually watching the game, you're not missing anything.


Plus, there's no homerism. Lange and Bourque both call everything like it is. Tuesday night, Mike Lange talked at length about how much Dmitry Kulikov has progressed in his three years in the NHL, and he described Justin Huberdeau as "awesome."  Both Lange and Bourque could not believe the Pens were given that power play early in the third where Crosby was taken down. Taken out of context, these little tidbits don't seem like much, but it's a breath of fresh air when all you usually hear is Steigerwald taking jabs at opposing players.

Bob Errey's quirky personality aside, he sees the game better than Bourque. Then again, I only have a couple games with the ol' 29er under my belt. In Bourque's defense, when Mike Lange is your broadcast partner, the load is already being carried. Errey's observations on the TV side carry the ROOT broadcasts on most nights.

Finally, there's something amazingly tranquil about hearing Bob Grove do the out-of-town scoreboard during the intermissions.