2013 Season by the GIFs

48 GIFs that tell the story of the Pens season.

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Game 1

First goal:

Game 2

Game 3

Roof Job by the Leafs

Game 4

Eric Tangradi is terrible

Game 5

The Confidence Index breaks with this spin:



Game 6

After the Isles Loss:

Game 7

Angry Ranger fan is Angry.

Game 8

MAF shows some Glove

Game 9

Kunitz's hands > You.

Game 10

Sick goal by Despres:

Game 11

Malkin snipe show.

Game 12

LOL Brodeur:

Game 13

Back to back losses against the Devils.

Game 14


Game 15

Big time shift by Bennett.

Game 16


Game 17

Fucking Flyers:

Game 18

Malkin gets hurt:

Game 19

Crosby on his ipad on the bench. No big deal.

Game 20

Shoot the puck, Letang.

Game 21

The Canes "drew" a few calls in their 4-1 win:

Game 22

Sutter turns out the lights in OT.:

Game 23

First Malkin... then Sid:

Game 24

Byeee Flyers.

Game 25

Crosby with the game on his stick.

Game 26

Pens win despite this slip:

Game 27

Sutter magic again.

Game 28

Crosby no look:

Game 29

Thankfully Oprik decided to wear a visor.

Game 30

Game 31

Paul Mart is always open.

Game 32

Game 33

Story of the Flyers season.

Game 34

Gionta runs MAF.

Game 35

Crosby no look part 2.

Game 36

Crosby's face gets destroyed:


Game 37

Sabres stop Pens streak:

Game 38

MAF too good for a glove:

Game 39

James Neal goes down.

Game 40

Morrow goes top cheese:

Game 41

Douglas Murray got pissed.

Game 42

Morrow just misses a Hat Trick:

Game 43

Pens roll Montreal:

Game 44

Send it in Jarome:

Game 45

Morrow's pass, bro.

Game 46

Sabres stop another streak. Iginla don't care.

Game 47

Malkin is pissed.

Game 48

Gin and Jussi with the last goal:

Jussi get it.