A greedy, sensitive baby. The Kris Letang story.

Yes, Kris Letang is talented.  We know all the stats.
He is coveted by so many teams.  He watches tapes on himself.  He works out.
But he also is an enormous baby.  According to Eliotte Friedman, Letang's feelings are hurt because of a Rob Rossi article that quoted someone saying this:
"Shero is fairly confident Letang has become a must-move player.  That is true because Letang is not the consensus best defenceman on the Penguins, at least in the eyes of management and coaches."
Wow.  So, let's get this straight, the Penguins offered Letang an 8-year, $56-million deal.  That is $7-million a year.  That doubles Letang's contract.  Letang and his agents came back with a deal more than $7.5, but less than $8-million. So, probably something like $7.75-million a year.

A Giant Baby

$7.75-million.  That is a lot of money for someone that Penguins beat reporter Josh Yohe called "one of the most senstive athletes he's ever dealt with."

Letang is under no scrunity in Pittsburgh.  If there is criticism to be had, he is at least fourth in line.  (Crosby, Malkin and Fleury first) 

How is Letang going to handle being the Penguins third highest player if he's ready to cry after one article?  How is he going to be able to handle the pressures of that stage?  Because, frankly, we've seen him on the pressure stage, and it hasn't been pretty.

Greed is good

What are the parameters of a big-time offensive defensman?  Five random fields:

-Speed.  Letang has that.

– A shot.  Letang has that.

– Passing.  Yep.

– Composure.  LOL.

– Powerplay goals.  Nope.

A lot of people wonder how can't Letang be worth $3-million more than a guy like Sergei Gonchar?  Simple answer, Gonchar will get paid $5-million a year as long as he can be wheeled on the ice.  Why?  He can run a powerplay.  Lifetime 101 powerplay goals. 

In fact, look at the defensman that Letang wants to be paid like:

Player Cap Hit (millions) Goals Assist
Ryan Suter 7.5 14 100
Shea Weber 7.5 49 71
Zdeno Chara 6.9 76 114
Drew Doughty 6.7 23 62
Erik Karlsson 6.5 10 53

Kris Letang's powerplay career: 16 goals, 63 assists

So, looking at those stats, please tell us again how or why Kris Letang should get paid $7.75-million a year?

A lot of Letang supporters will blast you in the face with hypotheticals, but when it comes to cold hard facts, it is almost impossible to say Letang is worth $8-million a year.