A farewell to Dustin Jeffrey

( Almost forgot the farewell graphic. Thanks to Jay for the reminder)
The Penguins put Dustin Jeffrey on waivers over the weekend. The Dallas Stars picked him up.
We now say goodbye to one of the more disappointing prospects in recent memory.

Who was Dustin Jeffrey?

Jeffrey was drafted in round six of the 2007 entry draft, which may be Shero's worst draft as GM. Now that Jeffrey is gone, only Robert Bortuzzo remains.

Jeffrey signed with the Pens in October 2007. He joined WBS for the playoff run in 2008 and then went to the Pittsburgh training camp in October 2008.

– From 2009 to 2011, Jeffrey was easily the most productive Penguins prospect.

– He got his major shot with the Pens in 2011:

– Jeffrey made the most of the Pens injuries in 2011.
– Everything came crashing down, though, when Jeffrey blew out his ACL in a game against Philly.
– Remember thinking at the time that the Penguins really missed Jeffrey down the stretch in 2011.

Top Three Memorable moments

– The time everyone broke the news Jeffrey re-signed on Twitter. 

Lookng back at this, it was a telling sign at what Twitter had become. You can search the old tweets here for fun. It was only two years ago, but Twitter was so new. So the minute news broke, EVERYONE posted it. It became a long running joke.

– The time Jeffrey got sent back down on 24/7.

In probably one of the more interesting scenes of the groundbreaking 24/7 Pens/Capitals doc on HBO, Jeffrey was pulled aside after a game in Buffalo (a game in which he scored a goal) and told he was being sent back down.

– His game-winning goal in Boston:

This was Jeffrey's breakout game and his signature NHL goal:

Farewell, Dustin Jeffrey. We're epecting him to make a name for himself in Dallas because they might actually let him play.