LINK CITY: Delete Our App, Because It’s the Cup, The Internet unites

If you have ever used our app, delete it. The company that built it is in current meltdown mode, so the app is unstable. 
— The new Penguins "Because It's the Cup," commercial is out:

h/t to the Freakshow for the find.


— Playoffs begin April 30th. yikes.

After the jump, the Internet unites, links from around the pens blogosphere, and why one chart explains why Crosby will win the Hart.


Penguin Blog Links

— A look at the Pens PK [ FF ]
— Week 13 Pens power rankings [ tpn ]


Story of the day: The Internet

The Boston bombings has united certain portions of the Internet that usually don't get along. This Deadspin post  and many more pictures have helped launch an internet hunt for the bombers.

Some unreal reads right now.

reddit (boston)
— 4 chan screen via imgur.
Some insane stuff. It is all pure speculation at this point, but still worth a read.
In a response to the attack the Pens announced tighter security will start tonight against the Habs.
— It looks like the 8 year-old boy who died was a Bruins fan. [ Boston Herald ]
–Boston native Cory Schneider's stick before his game last night. [ pbs ]

Why Sidney Crosby will win the MVP award

This graphic from the Score destroys all of the arguments against Sidney Crosby 
The post containing this graphic explains more. But wow. Crosby 32 points against playoff teams. Thanks for playing.
Saw this tweet:

Hold the phone, yo.
1. Malkin has missed 14 games.
2. A.O. has 5 points against playoff teams since March 14. Overall he only has 11 points in 16 games against them. Malkin has 14 points in 13 games against playoff teams.