2013: Where our demons hide

For better or worse 2013 will be always be defined by this picture:

And this gif:

There was a lot of good hockey memories erased by a 4-0 series sweep at the hand of the Boston Bruins. 2013 will always be about what should've been and what didn't happen. It will be about a regular season powerhouse getting beat in the playoffs again. 
But the stories and images of 2013 are different. They were the stories we reacted to, moments in time that have nothing to do with anything now. 
But you can't look ahead fully until you take one last peek over your shoulder and remember where you were.
2013 by the numbers, GIF's, and pics after the jump:


The steps in Washington 
2013 was the year Paul Martin rose from the ashes:
This little kid represents all we stand for:
Pens win an OT classic in Montreal:
Doug Murrary arrives:
The spring and summer outside…

The best tweet…

Worst moment


One pic to sum up the Isles Series


One gif to sum up the senators series



2014 will be another good one.
Be safe tonight. Go Pens.