Why this lockout is going to drag on and on.

This is a must read from Elliotte Friedman. [ cbc ]

In the piece Friedman breaks down what the main issues of HHR are:

So the question then becomes, 'Where does this part of the debate go? After asking some people on the NHL side, none of whom will talk for the record (big fines), my sense is that a new agreement can be done without the proposed changes.

"If HRR has to be re-done … we're talking about a long process," said one executive.


You may have to read the article several times to get a full grasp. But once you do this line will make all the sense in the world:

When Bettman says the owners only have 43 per cent of the revenues to pay their costs, it drives the NHLPA insane because it feels the league's already subtracted enough from the equation and any further issues are simply mismanagement. Clearly, the NHL and its owners feel otherwise.

This is issue is going to be a main sticking point in this process, and as Friedman said, the side with the most resolve will win.

And that is why this is bad. This is such a complex issue that it could, without question shutdown the league for an entire year. 

In fact, everyone better start preparing for it.