We’re going all-in with Metallurg

It hit us around 9:15a.m. Thursday morning when we were living and dying on the stream provided by an illegal sports-streaming site: we are hockey fans that happen to live in Pittsburgh.  Yes, the only reason we were watching the Metallurg game was because Malkin and Gonchar, Penguins* we love watching play, are on the team. 
But we realized what lengths we will go to get our hockey fix, to genuinely get behind a hockey team and pull for them in a hockey match.  The Penguins are the convenient team for us to get behind, since we were born and raised in Pittsburgh.  But the itch that awakens every year when the leaves start changing has to be scratched. 
Given the recent stories coming out about the NHL and the likelihood of another entire season (or more) being wiped out, there's no reason to hesitate.  We will probably do everything short of changing our domain name to themetallurgblog.com.
For instance, here's a Tumblr that looks poised to be all over Malkin's Metallurg business.  A beautiful sight.
Go Metallurg.