The Stephen S Print Shop 2012

Despite all of the negativity and lockout garbage, Stephen S continues to draw. This is what he's got in store for everyone this year:



Production for Archer Season 4 has kept me plenty busy (especially after being put in charge of making images for the social media feeds for Archer and Pam ). I still made time to do a couple new Pens prints for this year as well as update the old designs. And since i'm surrounded by so many talented people at Floyd County, I got a couple other artists to make some prints as well. 
This year, there are a couple different sizes available for the standard prints – 6"x8" and 13"x19". We also have a few oversized panel prints available. Delivery times have been improved from last year with most prints being mailed 24-48 hours after ordering(oversized and gold leaf take a little longer).

For people outside of the US who want to order prints – Our payment system does not accept international billing or shipping addresses. If you still would like to order AND have a paypal account, we will be happy to take an order that way. Seems to be shipping internationally runs $15-$20 depending on where it's going and total weight. You can contact us here for details on placing an international order.
So, if all that money you're not spending on tickets, tv/internet packages or road trips to other arenas is just burning a hole in your pocket, please feel free to take a look around The Print Shop.


New 13"x19" and 6"x8" prints:


Floyd County Artist Prints:



– Oversized 30"x13" Geno Celebrates:



– Oversized 13"x36" Past and Present:


– Oversized 3-panel Crosby with the Cup w/ gold leaf background (36"x36"):


It goes without saying that all of these make great holiday gifts for pretty much anyone. If you have any questions, you can find Stephen on Twitter @im_draw