The Montreal Canadien players are doing some lawsuit to stop the lockout

Montreal typical?

From TSN:

"The (Canadiens) players, through their Montreal-based lawyer, Michael Cohen, sent a 'cease and desist' letter to the owners of the Canadiens and to the NHL on Friday, Sept. 7."  NHLPA spokesperson Jonathan Weatherdon told the Gazette via email on Sunday.   "Unless they cease their threats to lockout, the players will make an application to the Quebec Labour Board this upcoming week seeking to stop the Canadiens from locking out their players.

"If the Quebec Labour Board agrees, it could order the owners of the Canadiens not to lock out the players or to end a lockout in Quebec if one has started


Maybe for the first time in modern history we'll all benefit from the elitist Montreal attitude.

But what most likely will occur is that the NHL will cite some other law, and everyone in Montreal will be humiliated.