Malkin’s first game is at 9:00am and here are some streams

(Gonch citttty)


Trying to get as much info out there as possible.

Time of game

Metallurg's website is extremely informative. If you have Google Chrome, then it translates to English.

There is a countdown on the site, that indicates the game will begin at 9:00 am Eastern.

This was the countdown screenshot as of 10:26 pm eastern:


So yea 9:00 am.

Known Streams

@dchesnokov tweeted this link to the KHL facebook page.

Apparently they trying to translate payment buttons on this site.[ ]

Other streams:

First Row Sports

As this goes on further we're sure someone will find one. Please email us if you do.

This is sad that this may be how we'll watch Geno all year.