Penguins won’t be able to promote players during lockout

Really, really interesting article on Puck Daddy ( via Michael Russo) today about team and player promotions during the lockout:

If there's a lockout, player likenesses won't be permitted to be used by teams for marketing and advertising. That means the Wild's Twitter account and web site can no longer run player contests and promote players for the purpose of marketing the franchise.

Well, the Penguins Twitter feed already sucks, so that is no big loss. But don't look for the annual Penguin season-ticket deliveries, among other things. Almost makes you wonder what happens if they accidentally use one of these things? Do the players sue?

As Greg mentioned in his write-up, the last lockout was a different time on the Internet. The Penguins have as strong an online presence as any team in the NHL.

Come 11:59pm on Saturday, it is going to be mighty interesting to see the Pens website.