NHL and the Fehrs met again today for “informal talks.”

Saw this on twitter:


As someone said earlier there isn't much hope, but at least they are talking. If they are talking there is at least something. A lot of people are basically live tweeting every trip either party is making to the others Headquaters.

Elsewhere on the Internet Dr. James Mirtle breaks down the major gap between the parties:

To put the two sides’ positions in context, consider that the players earned $1.87-billion of the league’s $3.28-billion in hockey-related revenues a year ago, a 57-43 split the NHLPA would be happy to continue given it pushed the average salary to $2.44-million.

If the league gets its way for the coming season, however, the players’ 46-per-cent share would mean they receive roughly $390-million less than the current agreement based on projected revenue.