Mario Lemieux’s 1992 contract was above NHL rules.

Reader Gary P.  sent this along.

So I'm going through some old newspapers that I used to keep back in the day whenever there was good articles on Mario and I stumble on this crazy article written by your boy Molinari back in 1998. Apparently there was some interesting finds in Lemieux's 1992 player contract. I attached a photo of the beginning of the article but I think the 5th paragraph is stunning…"whether or not all of the provisions of the Standard Player's Contract are recognized by the NHL, the Player shall nevertheless be paid all amounts referred to in this agreement"…"Basically that Lemieux's contract was above NHL rules."
Yikes. Interesting especially with all the contract stuff going on in the lockout.

Here is the pic:

Last column of  front page says the Pens missed several payments at one point too. No real point to this, but as Gary mentioned with all the contract talk around the NHL these days, hard to believe there once was a time where contracts didn't appear to be governed by the NHL.

Also, Roger Marino, what a deadbeat.