Malkin signs in Russia, will play in Magnitogorsk’s next game

According to

“They’ve already put their signatures under the contracts,” Gennady Ushakov, Malkin and Gonchar's agent told R-Sport. “[Metallurg’s vice-president, Gennady Velichkin] will register them in the KHL on Monday. They well may appear on the ice in the team’s next game.”
According to the KHL calendar, Magnitogorsk are scheduled to play Salavat Yulaev in an away game in Ufa on September 20.

Ready for this:

Malkin and Gonchar joined Metallurg Magnitogorsk, inking deals until to play until the end of the 2011/2012 seasons.

Now just throwing that out there.

Some major issues with that:

  • 2011/2012 is wrong, it would be the 2012/2013
  • Could be a translation issue.
  • A lot of reports of an end of lockout clause being included in Malkin's contract, which makes sense.

More or less, however, it is just interesting that it is so plainly stated. Maybe this shows that the players expect a year-long lockout. Or maybe it is a less than credible website.

Either way, the KHL will enter itself as a major player in this lockout. The KHL didn't exist last lockout. It has been around and doing well since 2008.