A full-season lockout could cost the city of Pittsburgh $82 million dollars

Good article on PHT recently about Boston business owners losing upwards of $1 million per game:

Roughly each [Bruins] home game is worth anywhere between $850,000 to $1 million,” said Pat Moscaritolo, CEO of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau. “… Money that is generated outside the four walls of TD Garden. That means spending in the North End, North Station area, spending at restaurants and sports bars, sports paraphernalia, etc.”
James Brooks writes that “anxiety is slowly overtaking” shops around the area.
So let's breakdown what the city of Pittsburgh could lose…

What was the cost last time?

According to a 2005 PG article (which we had to pay for — f uuuuuu), the city of Pittsburgh was making about $750,000 annually from amusement tax, wage tax, and parking from a hockey season. 
And that is when the Penguins weren't winning.
Also in that article was this tidbit:
At the Ramada Plaza Suites at 1 Bigelow Square, sales director Jim Sweet said the lockout has thus far cost his facility an estimated $150,000 to $175,000 in food, drink and lodging revenue.
Apparently the city budgeted for the potentional lockout, and the Steelers' extra two playoff games bought in $300,000. 
This time around, this is the mayor:
So who wants to bet he didn't budget this time?

What will the cost be this time?

If the city of Pittsburgh was making $750,000 on just wage tax, parking, and amusment tax back in 2005, factoring in inflation and the Penguins' improvment alone, you'd have to think that number goes up over $1 million.
Then think about the restuarants. We'll use Pizza Milano as an example. On any given night, dude has to do like $8-10K worth of business. 41 nights a year.
Ouch. Bars like Shale's and Souper Bowl do something in that neigherhood, too, one would guess.
New hotels like the Fairmont (Caps were shown staying there during the Winter Classic) lose out, as well. Would love to see how much hotels make off of teams coming and going throughout the season.
Aramark employees are the real losers in this. A ton of part-time staff will most likely face layoffs.

The Figure per game?

So, the Boston business are predicting $850k-1million a game?
That probably is ballpark, but it may be a little less in Pittsburgh right?. Boston's arena area is a little more built up, and there are tons more alcholics in Boston.
Rob Rossi actually did a piece of journalism, and look at this:
A regular-season Penguins home game generates $2.178 million in spending on average, said VisitPittsburgh CEO Craig Davis. That includes revenue to the Penguins from ticket sales and concessions
That's right. $2.1 million.

$2.1 million a night.

$2.1 million X 41 homes games =  $82 million dollars 
That is $82 million dollars that won't come into a city that isn't exactly thriving.
Good lord.


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