LINK CITY: Owner Jeremy Jacobs is a terrible person

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Interesting stuff on the Internet. Usually the cry from people who don't know any better about the lockout is this:


While that is probably true, the Internet has turned it's lazers on Boston Bruins owners Jeremy Jacobs. 

This article lays it out pretty clear:

Winnipeg Jets representation at a recent NHL Board of Governors meeting piped up to say it was opposed to engaging in a long, bloody lockout sure to stymie their franchise’s momentum and hurt the game of hockey.


It wasn’t Winnipeg owner Mark Chipman, but rather one of the alternate governors representing the Jets.

Bruins Principal Owner and Chairman of the Board of Governors Jeremy Jacobs answered by reprimanding the Winnipeg representative as one of the “new kids on the block” and informed him that he would know when he was allowed to speak in the NHL board room


The article also had this tidbit:

But even in the midst of his greatest moment as an NHL owner, Jacobs proved tone deaf. He couldn’t help but needle Bruins President Cam Neely during the team's championship parade for never winning his own Cup as a player. It was a cringe-worthy moment on a day that should have featured wall-to-wall grins, and it gave Bruins fans a chance to remember why they held Jacobs in contempt for so long.

@mikedarnay found the video:

6:14 mark. What a dick, but let's face it Cam Neely is a giant baby so Jeremy Jacobs gets a pass on that.

Jacobs is now the fall guy for lockout. Great times. 

Meanwhile, in NYC the NHLPA and NHL are meeting again today.

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