LINK CITY: How much you’ll save on the lockout

When Internet titan @sarah_sprague writes, you listen.

Sarah has a detailed post on what she will be saving with no hockey:

We already save some by not buying the Center Ice package, since our favorite team usually drops the puck back east while we’re still working at four o’clock Pacific, but we also go out for more games during the playoffs, so those numbers are probably a wash. And unlike going to Steeler games where we have to spend a couple of days going to Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego or Northern California, we’re usually able to head to one or two Pens games a season at Staples Center or down at the Pond in Anaheim, cutting down costs on hotel rooms and related travel costs.


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Our savings with an NHL lockout? $1,880, and I think that number is soft. I lowered the bar bill amounts under protest from my husband. (I sign the bar tabs, they’re higher.)

But what really makes this brilliant post all the more special, you can input your own info.

PSAMP made a special guest appearance in the post and broke down his end from NYC and at Foley's:

That’s $2214 to watch a handful of games a month at a bar and 4 games in the metro area, if the Pens make a Finals push. $1858 if it’s an average playoff run.

Crazy stuff for sure.

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Crosby is the new McKayla Maroney:

pic via TheSportingNews

Also via TheSportingNews, Gary Bettman responded to the players. [ SN ]

"Listen, nobody wants to make a deal and play hockey more than I do, OK?" he said during a news conference. "This is what I do. This is what my life is about in terms of how I spend most of my waking hours. This is really hard.

"And so you only get involved in this situation when you understand what the issues are and you know you're doing the right thing for the long-term stability of our game and our sport. This is very hard and I feel terrible about it."

Safe to say Bettman is all jammed up.

Just to hit the point home, Bettman also said the lockout vote is unanimous from the owners. [ LA Times ]

Speaking of owners, Ted Leonsis sent some email about the lockout. [ RMNB ]