A complete look at the NHL’s offer to the NHLPA

The NHL posted the entire proposal it offered to the NHLPA. You can read it here. [ NHL.com ]

Travis Hughes over at SBnation has Donald Fehr reaction:

The NHLPA isn't thrilled with the NHL's latest CBA proposal, according to a letter executive director Don Fehr sent to his union membership on Tuesday. Excerpts of the letter were published by TSN. Fehr noted that while the league's "proposal does represent movement from their last negotiating position," it's still asking far too much of the players.

The reaction today has been mixed. Some people think it just a good PR move ( focus group aided) by the NHL. Some think it could be a starting point of real talk.

Bob Mac was positive:

Elliotte on the other hand seems frustrated after hearing the NHLPA's response. He accidently tweeted this instead of Dming:


“@FriedgeHNIC: We're getting numb to the arguments. The pissoff is that there was real potential for movement, but this could fuck with it.”

He corrected himself:


All-in-all just another day in lockout hell.